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Backend Services

Backend Services creates the functional core of the Managed Business Deployment Services (MBDS) product. These services allow Managed Business to relieve the customer of many of the time consuming tasks involved in the manufacturing and auditing of the deployment process. Through these services the customer becomes responsible only for specifying to Managed Business when a particular store/location must be up and running. MBDS then takes over and ensure that the store/location kit is put through the deployment process and delivered on time according to customer requirement/specification.

Backend Services component highlights:

  • Configuration Management – we will configure the hardware to customer specifications or to specifications derived from consultation with the customer

  • Asset Management – we will track individual hardware components’ pertinent information (model #, serial #) and provide DOA Inventory Control.

  • Quality Assurance – a stepwise approach to ensuring accurate manufacturing and delivery of the store/location kit.

  • Custom infrastructure labeling according to customer specifications.

  • Hardware Configuration and Testing.

  • Customer documentation management (acquiring cabling specs, switch configurations, shipping instructions – provide check/balance for internal customer processing).

  • Yearly new store/location inventory projection for timely delivery.





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