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A Safe Deposit Box For Your Applications And Data: Hosting Services From Managed Business Can Significantly Increase Reliability While Minimizing Risk Exposure.

Over the past several years, Information Technology has grown from what was considered a back office function that primarily served few departments to a vital, strategic corporate asset integral to nearly every function in the company. As such it's more important than ever to aggressively leverage and protect your IT investment.

Managed Hosting, as part of the SECURE family of services, is your insurance policy against many threats – some obvious, some not – and much more. With our Managed Hosting services, your applications and data are housed in a telco-grade data center that is so secure and reliable, it's home to one of MCI's global network hubs.

If this sounds like overkill, consider this: even 99% uptime means almost four days of unpredictable downtime every year . Utilizing our state-of-the-art data center helps push uptime as close to 100% as possible with a number of features that minimize single-points-of-failure:



24x7 monitoring

Numerous hardware and software parameters are constantly monitored so that any anomalies detected are addressed as soon as possible, maintaining reliability and performance

Regular hardware upgrades

Hardware is proactively upgraded to ensure both reliability and performance

Regular software upgrades

Software, including applications and operating systems, are proactively upgraded with the latest patches to ensure security, performance, and reliability

Multi-layer, 24x7 Physical Security

Physical access to equipment is highly restricted, all but eliminating the possibility of data or hardware compromise from theft or sabotage

Redundant, filtered electrical service

Service from two different utilities ensures continuity; power conditioning/filtering maximizes hardware durability and reliability as well as data integrity

Emergency backup power

Even in the unlikely event that both power feeds fail, on-site backup generators can provide power almost indefinitely

Direct connections to Internet ‘backbone' via fiber ring

Eliminates bottleneck, thus maximizing throughput and performance

Redundant Internet access via fiber ring

If one ISP has trouble or service is interrupted, network connectivity is maintained

Computerized climate control and air filtration

Temperature and humidity are maintained at optimal levels to ensure hardware durability and reliability

World-class fire detection/suppression

Minimizes risk of damage or loss from fire

SECURE Access to Your Data and Applications

Physically securing data and hardware, while critical, isn't enough; electronic access – that is, via the network – must be secured as well. Therein lies the challenge: to maximize access security while simultaneously making it as fast and easy as possible – from almost anywhere. Thanks to extensive research, development, and testing, our Managed Hosting meets this challenge.

SECURE access is achieved by three methods: authentication, authorization, and data encryption – using hardware and software:

  • Authentication verifies the identity of both the host (server or network resource) and the guest (user). This prevents what is known as “spoofing” (what an imposter might attempt in order to gain access) or other clandestine redirection.
  • Authorization credentials such as ID and password are submitted, which, combined with rules and policies that you establish, determine what files or resources can be accessed by each user, the degree of access granted (e.g., view only, modify, rename, delete, etc.), and even setting the times and days when access is allowed or denied.
  • Encryption makes transmitted data indecipherable while enroute over the VPN (Virtual Private Network) between your locations, users, and servers/data center.


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