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Interoffice Connectivity
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Seamlessly Integrate Voice and Data Connectivity
Between All Your Locations

Managed Business can integrate the voice and data networks and resources of all your offices, warehouses, and other locations with industrial quality, security and reliability. And our expertise and experience enable us to fully leverage recent technological advances and innovations to make it surprisingly affordable, even for organizations with limited budgets.

Save Time and Increase Security

Many multiple-location firms have (and still do) exchange files via email, and usually after at least a phone call or two. In addition to requiring additional time and effort, this method carries significant security risks. When you choose the Interoffice Connectivity feature of SECURE, files and other resources can be shared between offices simply, easily, and securely. Time and money are saved, and a significant security risk is minimized in the process.

Not Just Data

Additional cost savings can be achieved while adding features and functionality by integrating voice/telephony traffic as well. For example, forwarding or transferring phone calls to another extension whether three desks or three time zones away it is fast, easy, and at no additional cost.


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