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Case Study

One of our customers is a rather unique company that is essentially a combination of a law firm and a specialized financial services team. When these two parts combined, the company found its 30 or so associates spread across three offices in three different states.

From an IT perspective, the offices operated as if they were three separate, unrelated small businesses. Files were exchanged via insecure email, there was little if any redundancy/backup, Internet connectivity was inadequate and unreliable, and economies of scale were simply not being achieved.

After taking the time to learn how their business operated, the volume and frequency of data exchange between offices, and identifying wants and needs met and unmet we recommended and implemented our SECURE solution, which was customized to their specific needs:

  • Each office's Internet connectivity was upgraded, and communications between offices and to/from the main server were secured and encrypted by implementing a robust Virtual Private Network through SECURE. This has reduced costs, improved reliability, and drastically increased security.
  • Secure remote access capabilities were implemented, enabling employees to telecommute, work while on the road, and more.
  • Disparate email accounts were consolidated and replaced with a secure centralized email solution, which, along with the company's critical (and sensitive) data, now reside in our telco-grade data center. Email is now easier, faster, more reliable, and far more secure.


The company now enjoys the transparent interoffice connectivity, secure remote access, and high reliability that its much larger competitors do, but at a fraction of the cost. And looking ahead, planning for growth is easier since they know that adding offices or personnel will be fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive.